Science. Soul. Sisterhood.

Sisterhood Strong is an open community of courageous, brilliant, badass women like you (yes, YOU), who
get real about their battles with food and body image,
aren’t afraid to go deep in self-exploration,
and who find strength in giving and getting support.

Sisterhood Strong ignites the genuine connections we all crave.
It is first and foremost a safe space.

We use the Sisterhood Strong system to support for you, our Sister, to
break out of the binge-guilt-restrict cycle once and for all,
root into your innate power,
and finally create the impassioned, full life you’ve spent years, or perhaps even decades, chasing.

The Sisterhood Strong system combines:
the science of physical fitness and emotional wellness
with the juiciness of wild-woman, moon-howling spirituality
and the power of authentic, supportive relationships
to create deep transformation.

As your Sisters, we share the research, education, resources, and the professional and personal experience we’ve
collected between the two of us over the last 10+ years.

Our posts, videos, Facebook group, downloads, worksheets, exercises, and coaching programs
are all created to serve as your toolkit to create the life, the body, and the confidence you crave.

Stop waiting. It’s time to step into your power.



When people ask us what we do, we say:
We’re founders of an online women’s empowerment community.

But what we really want to say, is:
We partner with the awe-inspiring, courageous women to conquer their food fear, body shame, and social disconnection so they are
finally able to step into their feminine power, root into sisterhood, and live their most radically soulful, sexy lives.



I hold space for women who feel as if they are a stranger - even an enemy - to their body and their own self. In my life, no diet, exercise program, or fitness goal ever delivered me to the Perfect Girl Promised Land. The further I pursued them, the more there was to prove. What finally broke the cycle? A grounded, intimate relationship with my soul and body. Read more about Ham here.


Today, I’m a gratefully recovered, self-loathing perfectionist. I’ve been low carb, high carb, high protein, iifym, paleo, vegan, raw vegan, a juicer, and an intermittent faster. I worked as a personal trainer, a weight loss coach, and trained as a bikini competitor. I got the body, earned the degree, and found my soul mate. And I still hated myself and hid from the world. Read more about Laura here.

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